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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Monday, November 12, 2012

World looking up to Obama

People all over the world are feeling relieved and very happy by the news of President Barack Obama being re-elected and thanking the people of America for taking the right decision. We see in Barack Obama a positive attitude -- he is not indifferent to other people's sufferings. He seems to possess sound judgement, great wisdom, humility and kindness. We were touched when we saw him breaking down in tears as he was speaking to his campaign team in Iowa for the last time.

Former President Bill Clinton described Barack Obama as a person "who is cool outside, but burns inside."

We expect that in his second term he will be able to take concrete steps to bring peace between Palestine and Israel. The Palestinians have been suffering for so long; they are deprived of their land and are living in an inhuman condition.

We hope he will maintain a peaceful relationship with other countries including Iran. Global warming has become a curse. It is wreaking havoc on all over the world. President Barack Obama should take the matter seriously and do something to combat it.

The world has so many expectations from him; we hope and trust that by the help of the Almighty, he will be able to fulfil it.

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