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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Monday, November 12, 2012

A disappointing train journey

I had never travelled by train in my life except in India. Once, our family went on a vacation to India where we had travelled from Kolkata to Delhi via Rajdhani Express - a well-known train. The journey was extra-ordinary. We enjoyed each and every moment in the train as it was not arduous at all.

On last Eid vacation, we went to Chittagong by train. It was my maiden ride by train in Bangladesh. I was overjoyed and dreamed that the trip would be splendid like the one I experienced in India. But, I was down in the dumps the whole journey because the service was depressing. The train was delayed for about two hours. The canteen, which I imagined to be superb like India's, was the most repulsive. If I would have the food, I would have instant diarrhoea. The toilet was nauseating.

Though we hear that the railway is not a profitable sector, the train was overcrowded. This is a telltale sign of corruption. As there was seat shortage we had to pay Tk. 4,000 for ticket, which should not have been over Tk. 2500. If the government improves the train service, it will earn a lot from this sector. Train would be a preferable transport and our 'Bangladesh Express' would be known worldwide.

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