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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


To whom does the family turn?

Shooting spree unmasks poor law and order

Three days have elapsed since young Parag; a six-year old was abducted from Keraniganj in broad daylight. What is shocking is the ferocity with which kidnappers shot and injured his mother, two sisters and the vehicle driver for resisting the incident. The boy was whisked away on motorcycles and hasn't been heard of since. It is not surprising to find that twenty or so bystanders did not intervene. What can a crowd of unarmed people do against criminals, particularly when the police were not at hand.

From what has been reported in the press, family members of young Parag are normal people leading normal lives. They are law abiding citizens. Their 'crime' perhaps was the fact that the kidnapped boy's father is a businessman owning substantial land assets and that wealth was reflected in the form of philanthropic activities in the area they live. The law enforcement authorities still have no inkling as to the whereabouts of the missing child. With no sign of police activism, rumours and speculations are rife in the area as to why the boy was abducted. And as there has been no demand for ransom, the family fears the worst and the emotional baggage of losing a young one has taken its toll on the family.

Our question is precisely why the police have not got any leads yet. Granted, kidnappers took care to hide their identities during and in the wake of the sensational abduction, but to state that they are mystified and have no leads in the matter is unacceptable by any standards. Keraniganj, where the incident took place, is not some remote island in the middle of the Bay of Bengal. It is a fairly developed area well within Dhaka division replete with administration and police presence. Making excuses and leaving matters to fate is inexcusable and authorities must act to restore public confidence in law enforcers.

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