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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Readers respond

Here are some comments that came in response to Tuesday's The Daily Star news report headlined “PM cancels Pak tour”

Farid Ahmed
PM has taken a bold and right decision.

A Choudhury
I expected that the PM would do the right thing for the nation. I am very grateful to her for taking the right decision.

Nadeem Omar
Hasina was invited to attend the D-8 Summit, not to talk about bilateral issues. So, what's the problem? Her father went to Pakistan soon after independence to represent the country at the OIC meeting and discussed the issues the Muslim world was facing.

Mirza Zeehan
Why should we try to improve ties with a country that killed millions of our people? Pakistan's collapsing economy and volatile security situation offer no great opportunity for cooperation anyway.

I do not like Awami League, but I support the decision taken by Sheikh Hasina.

Pakistan must offer apology for their barbaric acts in 1971. Since then they have not done anything good for Bangladesh.

Jumana Sarwar
The D-8 summit is not a bilateral meeting between Bangladesh and Pakistan rather it involves six other nations. The USA actively worked against us in 1971. Should we boycott them too?

Ajit Barua, Tokyo
It is a right decision that our PM has cancelled her visit to Pakistan. At first, let them realise what they did during our War of Independence. Why are they still hesitating to apologise to Bangladesh?

Mayen Uddin Tazim
D-8 is an international forum for sharing bilateral issues among the member countries. But considering the security problem in Pakistan, the Prime Minister has taken a wise decision of not going to Pakistan.

Jahid Patwary
Bangladeshi PM should not visit Pakistan until they apologise for their role in 1971.

Shekhar Dev
Thanks to our PM for cancelling the scheduled tour. But I think Foreign Minister Dipu Moni should be present at the summit.

M H Uddin
Security is the main concern in Pakistan but the government should think carefully before making any official announcement.

We should forget any bilateral relationship with Pakistan till it offers unconditional apology to Bangladesh.

Niloufar Sarker
The issues that need to be settled with Pakistan are really very serious. Just visiting each other does not resolve them.

The moment I read about Pakistan's foreign minister's remark about 'forgetting past', I wished our PM would not go there. Thanks to our PM from the bottom of my heart. If there is only one stance of the government that I have been happy about in last four years, it would be this step.

Mujibul Alam Khan
Hasina's message is very clear to Pakistan and the world as well. This is indeed a tremendous diplomatic achievement for Bangladesh which, in recent times, has been struggling to restore its global image. I thank Hasina and her government for taking such a bold and wise decision.

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Distorted historical perspectives create unfortunate and wrong impressions, especially in the minds of young readers. Germany was never forgiven by Europe but had to pay heavy reparations as war damages after World War I. After Second World War, the dictators were either physically liquidated or tried in international courts. The Japanese, on the other hand, were placed under Allied control after the Second World War. As regards dropping atom bombs by US in August, 1945, that had to be done to hasten Japanese surrender. Had not such drastic measures taken, the overall death toll could have been larger due to continued warfare. As regards setting up of formal and informal empires by European powers, it was in the nature of world order of the day. To put it in a nutshell-it was an imperialist age where the race for markets and political domination decided the prestige of a nation. An extension of the colonial age was Apartheid-an obnoxious policy followed in southern Africa. The case of Pakistan brandishing arms to carry out genocidal acts in the then East Pakistan on unarmed civilians of the same country was a crime against humanity. For this reason alone, Pakistan MUST seek official public apology, if normalization of relations is desired.

: Dr. Iftikhar-ul-Awwal





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