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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Friday, November 16, 2012

Ramu incident and the political blame game

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It is surprising what Khaleda Zia mentioned at Ramu. It is true that local and district administration could stop the attack if they had performed their duties properly. So it can be said that the administration didn't play the expected role. But that does not mean that the government has attacked the Buddhist temples and houses in a planned way. I think it is not true at all. Khaleda Zia's accusation really surprised me.

If anybody looks carefully at the newspaper and TV reports, it can be assumed easily that people from all the political parties were involved in the attacks. Our political leaders always try to deceive us. I request them to realise that we the people are not fools. Both the government and the opposition should sit together and form a judicial inquiry commission for the sake of proper investigation, so that the findings of the commission would be acceptable to all.

I don't understand why the government and the opposition are blaming each other. Some derailed party leaders from both BNP and Awami league joined the mob and attacked the Buddhist temples and houses. But it does not mean that the parties instructed them to attack the Buddhists. Both the parties should expel the derailed leaders from their parties, so that in future no one dares to get involved in this sort of barbaric activities. Both the parties should agree to form a neutral judicial inquiry commission if they really want to identify the real attackers and stop this kind of attacks on the minorities in future.

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An honest and sincere question for the author: if the people are not fools as he claims, then can you tell me why they have elected the same two people over the last twenty years? You can blame the politicians all day long but please answer this one very simple question.

: Shabbir A Bashar





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