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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Friday, November 16, 2012

Police fail to ensure public safety

Currently one of the major issues of our country is our safety. It has degraded over the years, and now it's down to policemen committing crimes. Illegal possession of firearms, kidnapping, snatching, murder, drug trafficking, etc., are rampant all over the country. This happens mainly due to bribery, corruption, lack of surveillance and negligence on the part of the law enforcement agents. There are more than a hundred of such cases all over the country. Many village people have started to look after the security of their villages themselves instead of depending on the police. Our police must be neutral. But in many cases, we see the opposition's processions are attacked, whereas those of the ruling party are not. They often harass and punish innocent people instead of the real culprits because their names are the same. If law enforcers want to earn the trust of the citizens, they must work hard to ensure people's safety.

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