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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Friday, November 16, 2012

Abolish admission quotas!

This relates to your cartoon and Habib's front page lead report published on 12th. November on school admissions. In my opinion, except for the physically handicapped, admission quotas at all branches and levels of education must be abolished. After all is said and done, it ignores the right of the capable persons' access to education. We may call it all children's fundamental right to the three Rs! Only merit and mental capability should govern the criteria for admission to all educational institutions at all levels. There should be no interference from any quarter whatsoever. This should be classified as a criminal offence, and anyone doing it should be taken to task! There should be no quotas whatsoever, except for tribal and other excluded children as allowed by the relevant laws only. Under no circumstances, it should be considered a right or entitlement.

The only exception should be allowed for donors. For this, donors may be allowed a maximum of ten seats or five percent of the total students admitted at each level; provided the donor gives recurring donation; and not one time grant. Further, the amount donated in a particular year should be at least fifteen times the gross recurring costs (including rates and taxes and all financial charges) incurred by the school in the year before. Also, till the student so recommended does not pass out or otherwise leaves the school, no other recommendation can be entertained from the donor!

Such rules and regulations should be formalised by the government, and duly incorporated in the official rules and regulations of all educational institutions, at all levels; be it government, public or private!

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