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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Monday, November 19, 2012

A clean Dhaka: Just a dream?

Photo: Liton Rahman / driknews

I have written articles over and over again about how people indiscriminately dump rubbish at their own will. The Daily Star even cares enough to print pictures in their pages about how filthy our city is but everyone including the government seems to turn a blind eye to it. The politicians don't seem to care. Why is it so? Is it because their neighbourhood is clean? Why is it that the Dhaka City Corporation never gets a performance evaluation and no one is held responsible for this? Someone even cared enough to write about the dangers of dust in the city but did anyone even care enough to read that article? I have so many questions which I know will probably never be answered. All I know is that I dream of living in a clean Dhaka but this will only remain a dream unless the people in power actually wake up and do something about it.

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DCC (N & S) : Deaf and Blind. They can not see.

Many have written to you, editor, and DS has also published many photos of the dumped garbage, but to NO avail.

DCC is in love with GARBAGE.

They eat sleep and drink garbage.

: Syed Imtiaz Ali

They don't call Singapore, 'The Fine City' for nothing.

: Asha Ali


  • Shaikh Wazir
    Monday, November 19, 2012 09:24 AM GMT+06:00 (169 weeks ago)

    Many countries are famous for their cleanliness. Note Singapore. But, many other countries are also famous for their people living dirty lives. These are Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. People elect City Fathers who do not have even a small idea what they are supposed to do.





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