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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Monday, November 19, 2012

VVIPs move, commuters suffer

The other day, my family and I had to encounter a painful experience due to the traffic congestion resulting from “VVIP movement”. My son was due for his O'Level examination at the British Council in Dhaka University area. However, as soon as we reached Karwan Bazar (in front of The Daily Star), traffic movement halted due to VVIPs. At this point, my son started to walk from Karwan Bazar to British Council and he was late by 15 minutes for an exam that is perhaps the most important one he will ever sit for. Later I learned that many students could not even reach British Council early enough. To my sheer disappointment, I convey this message to all in our administration: “Please do not make our lives miserable”. I hope in future our prime minister and all VVIPs would think before moving around like a in this way and make everyone stand still on an already congested road.

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