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Monday, February 8, 2016

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dissolve parliament, get a fresh mandate

Bangladesh seems to have become a hotbed of unprincipled politics. The ethical standards of the politicians, irrespective of the party to which they belong, have reached a nadir. The people of Bangladesh have been witnessing mud-slinging matches between the ruling and opposition parties far too long. They have never come together to share power. If numbers alone matter, there is no future for moral standards in politics. Now, in our parliament, political differences have turned into personal animosities. Moreover, it appears that the opposition lawmakers have forgotten their duties as responsible parliamentarians. The passing of many bills are getting expedited without any debate because of their boycott. It is time they called off the boycott.

What is happening in Bangladesh is a mockery of our political system. Political morality is no less important than constitutional propriety. Parties should not be allowed to get legal sanction for unprincipled politics in the name of safeguarding democracy and the constitution. The dissolution of the parliament and fresh elections are the best course of action to be followed now.

Even if the 'international community' invites both the political parties to form a government, what is the guarantee that each political party will continue to extend support to the government till the end of its term? Instead of pushing the state into turmoil, is it not better for all parties to seek a fresh mandate and leave the issue of cleansing the political system to the wisdom of the electorate?

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This sounds great! Who will run the country while this mandate is being sought? Alas, pontificating is much easier than practice.

: Shabbir A Bashar





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