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In conversation with Anisur Rahman Milon

Anisur Rahman Milon, a popular face on television, has recently signed the contract for a new film, although this is not his first appearance on the big screen. The busy actor recently had a conversation with The Daily Star, on his works and other subjects.

Tell us about the TV serial "Nirbikar Manush".

Milon: The story of this drama is a little offbeat. I play the role of an indifferent man, and the story revolves around my character. I worked on it under the direction of Masud Mohiuddin, and it is one of my favorite works in recent times.

Which other TV series are you appearing in right now?

Milon: The TV series "Agontuk" is being aired on BTV, while ATN Bangla is airing "Chhayabrita", directed by Tauquir Ahmed and shot in the USA. A few other TV dramas are also being aired.

We hear you've been signed for a new film. Tell us about that.

Milon: The film is called "Porra Mon", and will be directed by Zakir Hossain Raju. My character is of a brave, outspoken police officer. I agreed to do the film because I liked all its aspects: the script, character and the director.

You've also completed shooting for another film?

Milon: I've just finished shooting for “Dehorokkhi” directed by Iftekhar Chowdhury. The story is out of the ordinary and I believe people would be interested to go watch it in theatres. I'm usually more drawn to stories that are not very common.

How often do you shoot?

Milon: At least 25 days a month. If I want, I can shoot every day, but I am selective about my work, and do only those roles where there's scope for me to put in something extra. The other five days are for my own rest and to give time to my family.

Which specific work of yours do you think raised your portfolio to directors?

Milon: After Animesh Aich's "Hat-Kura", directors became more assured that they want to work with me. Naresh Bhuiyan's "Doyita" also helped boost my career, as my viewers rediscovered me, while directors also took notice, and I did not have to look back.

You've been acknowledged for your work, too.

Milon: I have been awarded for a number of my works. I received the Uro-CJFB award for "Romizer Aaina", RTV-CJFB award for "Doyita" and the Meril-Prothom Alo award for "Modhu Moira". But I believe the biggest award is the love of my viewers.

What are your aspirations, regarding films?

Milon: I have so much to do in films. I want to work in anti-hero roles, who will be central to the stories, and people will remember me for my work.

Since when have you been involved with theatre?

Milon: I am currently involved with Desh Natok, and have been since 1999. I like to think of myself as someone from the theatre fraternity, and there was a time when I had no interest in television, and wanted to spend my life on stage.

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Very good conversation.Thanks Shazu.

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