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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sunday, November 25, 2012
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Ashura today

The Ashura, commemorating the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hossain (RA), grandson of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), will be observed in the country today with religious fervour and mourning over the tragedy.

On this day in the Hijri year of 61, Hazrat Imam Hossain (RA), along with the his family members and close relatives, embraced martyrdom at the hands of Yazid's force in the desert of Karbala “to uphold the cause of Islam and the teachings of the great prophet”.

The day is a public holiday.

President Zillur Rahman, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Leader of the Opposition Khaleda Zia in separate messages paid their deep respects to Hazrat Imam Hossain (RA) and the other martyrs of Karbala.

The president said the supreme sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Hossain (RA) and his companions at Karbala remained luminous in the history of mankind. “The eternal message of Ashura inspires us to be vocal against any injustice and repression and walk the path of truth and justice.”

In her message, the prime minister called upon all to uphold the teachings of Ashura to establish truth and justice in the national life by resisting all kinds of injustice and discrimination.

In another message, Khaleda Zia said the martyrdom embraced by Imam Hossain (RA) and his relatives on the day of Ashura remained an example for all to emulate.

Different religious organisations have chalked out various programmes to mark the occasion.

Bangladesh Betar, Bangladesh Television and private TV channels will air special programmes while newspapers publish supplements highlighting the significance of the day.

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Our Prophet (sw) in his last sermon has given a clear guidance on all these issues. The great source of knowledge & guidance fron Qur'an and Sunnah in this regard stays as the highest source of moral & ethics at all possible level of public and private life. We all must understand the subject and follow the guidelines which guarantees one of not going astray. May Allaw (swt) bless us all and guide us accordingly. The day of Ashura is a very significant day on Islamic calendar. We must aspire to find the significance of the day truly.

: Monowara Begum

Let us follow the lesson of Ashura.

: Dr. Meer Monjur Mahmood


  • AK
    Sunday, November 25, 2012 02:16 AM GMT+06:00 (167 weeks ago)

    Ashura has been a day of fasting for Sunni Muslims since the days of the early Muslim community. It marks two historical events: the day Nuh (Noah) left the Ark, and the day that Musa (Moses) was saved from the Egyptians by Allah.

    The article makes it sound like this started to mark the martyrdom of Imam Hussein. Ashura was commemorated during the time of the holy prophet and it is sunnah to fast that day.Shia Muslims in particular use the day to commemorate the martyrdom of Hussein in 680 CE.





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