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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Friday, November 30, 2012

Nobel prize not so cheap

Many Bangladeshis assume that Nobel prize is equivalent to prizes given to the winner of any game. Bangladeshi people should be ashamed when a senior minister of the cabinet speaks in dismissive terms about an internationally reputed and respected person who is the lone Nobel laureate our country. The senior minister himself is a respected person of the country but we cannot respect him unless he comments decently. Another minister claims that anyone who loves sandwich and coffee can win a Nobel prize if he/she wishes so. This minister is another respected person and he deserves sympathy from each and every citizen of Bangladesh as he is the son of a highly respected person and first prime minister of Bangladesh in exile, who was killed brutally in Dhaka Central Jail 37 years ago in this month of the year. We all pray to Almighty Allah for his departed soul.

We should never feel jealous if any of our fellow citizens is chosen for an international award and brings honour for our country. Rather we should respect him and cooperate with him so that he can serve our country.

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