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Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday, December 3, 2012

Crop production under permaculture

We are living in a world of uncertainty as far as climate and agriculture are concerned. Although there are a handful of scientists who disagree, but available evidences suggest that climate change is a real threat to sustainable agriculture, particularly food crop production system. Climate changes are occurring dramatically over which we have almost no control. This phenomenon is visible in the occurrence of frequent natural disasters (recent cyclone Sandy in the USA is an example,) which are due to the adverse impacts of climate change.

The world population is increasing geometrically and so the food production will have to be doubled to feed the increasing population.

Meanwhile, in order to face the emerging problems caused by climate change, growing food crops in permaculture system can be an effective option. Permaculture is a branch of Applied Ecology which has been drawn from a number of disciplines including agro-forestry, organic farming, ecological engineering, environmental design and sustainable development. Permaculture takes care of the earth, people and natural resources and ensures sharing of surplus resources among human beings. If we can follow permaculture system for producing food crops, it will ensure maximum utilisation of our natural resources which include land, water, sunshine, etc.

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