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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rohingyas are my brothers

A long time ago, I had written an article titled “Obama and Suu Kyi” that had been published in The Daily Star on 19th October, 2009 when Suu Kyi, the icon of democracy, was under house arrest. I have tremendous respect for this lady who has sacrificed most of the time of her life for the revival of democracy in her country. But the recent comment of Suu Kyi on Rohingyas and her sidestepping attitude towards them made me really upset as it made her very controversial.

It's a sign of sheer madness to deny the existence of one million Rohingyas. I strongly criticise the role played by UN during the communal unrest that claimed hundreds of lives and made thousands homeless. It is a sheer waste of time to analyse the birth-right or nationality of the Rohingyas. Rather it's more important to rehabilitate the Rohingyas and take all necessary steps so that they do not have to face any kind of violence in future. Attack on any minority group of a country is an attack on humanity.

Obama had done a brilliant job by coming to Myanmar and speaking for Rohingyas which increased my respect towards Obama. It would be admirable if other world leaders could come to Myanmar amidst the communal violence and take fruitful steps to save the Rohingyas. It's my request to the international community to make frequent visits to Myanmar and ensure permanent security of the Rohingyas. I am certain that the collaborative effort of Obama, Suu Kyi and the world leaders would definitely bring positive change in the situation.

As an ordinary man, I cannot do anything for the Rohingyas but feel proud to say that Rohingyas are my brothers and my brothers have absolute right to stay in their country with utmost dignity.

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I congratulate the author for writing a strong letter and respecting the Rohingyas as brothers. The other day I found a Bangladeshi Muslim saying there should be some crocodile in the Naf River so Rohingyas can not cross them. Both Burmese and Bangladeshi lost their humanity.

: Salam

You are right about Su kyi. She has actually taken side with the government. But you are wrong about Obama. Obama did not come to raise the issue of the Rohingyas but to consolidate America's new found relationship with Myanmar. We have to take note that America had been strengthening its ties with the Myanmar government, asking American companies to invest in Myanmar, releasing loans through the IMF; All these measures were undertaken as the Rohingya issue unfolded.

: Kamal





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