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Monday, February 8, 2016

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It's a shame

Why must a foreigner face such a situation?

We note with dismay that a German citizen, an architect by training, on an official visit to the country was on her way back to the capital city when her car was attacked. The fact that her vehicle was vandalized by the protesters goes to illustrate a departure from the standard practice of keeping foreigners out of harm's way. These people are here as guests and need to be shown the hospitality that is synonymous with Bengali culture.

True that the German consulate here has sent a letter of protest to Begum Khaleda Zia, and we sincerely hope the leader of the opposition will do everything in her power to make this the last incident. Ms. Heringer managed to get out of the car and leave the scene unscathed while her driver was not so lucky. But then one should remember that this attack is the second of its kind in so many days. Only the other day, an American embassy vehicle was vandalized and put on fire, for which Jamaat apologized.

Whatever may be the nature of the anti-government programme by the opposition parties, we have to observe the sanctity of foreigners and see to it that our political violence does not spillover to embroil them. For once the deed is done, no amount of apology will undo what has been done. The last thing this country needs is to be portrayed by our foreign friends as a nation where little or no rule of law exists. We are better than that. We have to see to it that our political programmes do not in any way affect them.

We have to shun recurrence of such incidents lest they affect investment in the country.

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What culture? Tell it to the German national --she has witnessed it first hand. Also, why should only a non-foreigner face this situation?

: rch

Sorry, disagree with that entire story; she should not have been there at the first place knowing full well what to expect on a day of blockade or indirect hartal. I may sound rude, but that is not my intention at all. We Bengali are quite hospitable people and often our people will go extra one mile further than any other nationality on the earth. But point here is totally in different perspective; has not she was informed by her embassy about the impending political activities and why should we take it for guaranteed that such safety will be ensure just because someone is foreigner. In fact, I am quite offended by this piece of editorial that you are trying to tell us that their life is more valuable. Yes, it is absolutely right that we should ensure her safety; but here we are expecting hooliganism at its highest order and to expect such safety within a total disorder will be utter madness. Life of a foreigner and a Bangladeshi citizen is equally precious and we cannot possibly draw a differentiation or discrimination between the two. This editorial just failed to exert that…that’s all.

: Sheikh Monirul Islam, Opee


  • Reaz Hassan
    Wednesday, December 12, 2012 01:12 AM GMT+06:00 (165 weeks ago)

    Surely there was no sign that it was carrying a reputed foreign architect. Moreover, it was in the wrong place in the wrong time. She should have known that there was a warming from the BNP that no car should ply on that day. But the Embassy defied the warning. The situation could have been worse. Mobs in Bangladesh are no different from others. We should be more careful for the future. That goes for all.





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