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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Show no mercy to Bishwajit killers

A civilized society should never tolerate acts of such brutality as it happened to Biswajit Das, an innocent civilian. A young life was cut short, a bright future destroyed. Every conscious citizen should raise his/her voice against such criminality. I wonder why the present government is not being able to bring the killers to justice. Are they incapable of arresting the murderers? Or is it that the culprits have link with the ruling party?

Islam being a religion of peace teaches us equality and justice. During the era of our Prophet (pbuh), a member of an elite family was found guilty of theft. His family came to the Prophet (pbuh) for arbitration. The Prophet (pbuh) declared, “Even if the daughter of Muhammad was found guilty of stealing, I would order her hand to be severed". Our Prophet (pbuh) made it clear to his followers that giving protection to criminals will give rise to crimes. It will be highly admirable if the government does not show favour wards these cold-blooded killers and bring them to justice as soon as possible.


Only ordinary people are the victims of our deadly political game. Why had Bishwajit Das, a 24-year-old innocent tailor, to die at the hands of the notorious BCL cadres on his way to the workplace? He did not get any help from anyone although the police were very close to the killing spot. Police filed a murder case accusing some unidentified persons on 9th December in spite of being the eyewitness of the killing. But it was clear as daylight who the killers were. So, the law enforcers should arrest all the culprits immediately and try them instead of playing hide and seek. And the leaders of the political party to which the murderers belong should not influence the case to ensure rule of law.

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People should speak out against such indescribable, unacceptable, injustice and brutal violence to a human being. And it is a shame for the police force to watch the episode that was carried out in front of them.

: Mashudul Haque





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