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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Now coaching centres in schools!

In order to stop the unethical practice of compelling students to receive coaching outside the classroom, our government has given a guideline for the teachers. Under the guideline, a teacher can not tutor the students of his/her own school, but can do it for students of other institutions. However, they can teach the weak students taking extra fees under the institution's supervision. This permission has brought blessings for them because now they have made coaching mandatory for all students. Now they are focussing more on coaching activities, neglecting the regular classes. As a guardian, I visited some schools at Mirpur-10 for getting my sister admitted in class V. The schools demanded admission fees as well as mandatory coaching fees from next January. I refused to pay this extra fee and so they denied my sister the opportunity to get admitted there. So, this new policy has not brought any good for the students and guardians, rather it has legalised coaching centres in schools and colleges.

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