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Monday, February 8, 2016

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Destiny scamsters should get exemplary punishment

It is a very shocking piece of news for the investors that their money was lost but good news for the embezzlers. They did it smoothly and top officials helped them in pursuing this evil work. Common people bear the brunt of it as usual. The embezzled amount is 3,350 crore. It is hard to calculate but imagine how one group of people stole such a large amount of public money. It seems cheating is the easiest way to be rich in Bangladesh nowadays.

The Daily Star published a news item entitled "Tk 3,350cr investors' money gobbled up" on December 14, 2012. The news revealed that the swindlers confessed to their wrongdoings before magistrate. Destiny group is liable for this. But the question is how did they do this? It was not an easy job to cheat so many people.

It is actually the media that have brought the scandal in the limelight. So, hats off to the media. Now anyone can question the role of Bangladesh Bank. Its inactivity fuelled such crimes. The watchdog concerned is either very weak or dishonest. The finance ministry should also be held accountable for this crime. Every regulatory committee concerned should be questioned and punished accordingly for helping the criminals. Every criminal must be brought to book. This unprecedented scam should be handled in an exemplary manner.

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