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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
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People's Empowerment

UN adopts Hasina's proposal

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's proposal for People's Empowerment has unanimously been adopted in the 67th UN General Assembly (UNGA).

The proposal was passed as a resolution with support from 193 member states of the UN at the general assembly held in New York on Monday, according to a message received here yesterday.

“The theory of People's Empowerment will act as a philosophical milestone in running the state through ensuring participation of people of all spheres,” said Bangladesh's permanent representative to the UN AK Abdul Momen in his immediate reaction.

At a press conference at New York, Momen said there was a call from the Rio+20 Conference to engage people in national development.

“The prime minister's People's Empowerment theory will effectively work to implement the call,” he added.

The People's Empowerment and Development Model is aimed at empowering billions of voiceless, marginalised and deprived people worldwide.

Meanwhile, another resolution, Culture of Peace, proposed by Bangladesh was also adopted in the UNGA. The proposal was first placed at the end of 2001.

Momen thanked the member countries for lending their support to adopt the resolutions.

Earlier on December 13, the resolution -- Addressing the socioeconomic needs of individuals, families and societies affected by autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders -- proposed by Bangladesh, was adopted in the 67th UNGA.

Terming it as a big achievement, Foreign Minister Dipu Moni said, “It is another milestone of the government's diplomatic success.”

Through the resolution, Dipu Moni said, a new horizon has been ushered in to address the socioeconomic needs of autism spectrum disorders.

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We would like to know more about the PM's proposal presented and adopted at the UNGA. Where do we get to read and try to understand the essence of it.? Let us not forget our issues at home.

Congratulations is in order.

: Syed Imtiaz Ali

The people's empowerment and development will no doubt help the voiceless, marginalized and deprived people worldwide where their Govts will allow to be practiced except in her own country where the scenario is totally opposite. People are languishing and their freedom of speech has already been throttled. Charity should start at her own home first.

: Abul U.K.


  • Selma
    Wednesday, December 19, 2012 03:44 AM GMT+06:00 (164 weeks ago)

    What a joke that Hasina's proposal will be adopted by UN when she is involved directly and indirectly in violence and anti democratic practices.

  • Mizan
    Wednesday, December 19, 2012 09:54 AM GMT+06:00 (164 weeks ago)

    What the honorable PM is preaching for the world should be practiced first at home. If the PM is sincere about empowerment of the people to have a say in the state affairs then She should devolve the powers of central government & establish elected local governments at the various administrative levels Villages cities, upazillas, Zillas & empower those elected local Governments with all administrative powers e.g. their safety security, land, development etc. As they say one should practice what one preaches.

  • rch
    Wednesday, December 19, 2012 12:19 PM GMT+06:00 (164 weeks ago)

    I guess PM Hasina meant corrupt people empowerment --looking at the way she lead by example.

  • Anonymous
    Wednesday, December 19, 2012 12:36 AM GMT+06:00 (164 weeks ago)

    The idea of people's empowerment is appreciable although it is not a new philosophy. But what is surprising is that Sheikh Hasina gave the idea to outside world. People living in Bangladesh have different experience. They see that there is one person's rule in the country and people's views are not taken into consideration. Most of the popular survey results have been rejected by the government.

  • Vampire knight
    Wednesday, December 19, 2012 01:12 AM GMT+06:00 (164 weeks ago)

    We feel good, honoured. Thank you honourable Prime Minister.

    But we feel bad when the PM talks irresponsibly in public.





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