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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

PM's peace model: Let charity begin at home

We are very much encouraged by the news published in The Daily Star of December 19, 2012 that a peace model placed by our prime minister Sheikh Hasina has been approved by the UN General Assembly. We hope that her government itself would care to follow these proposals. Her peace model underlines the removal of injustices including repression; absence of rule of law; inequality and economic disparity; deprivation and poverty; lack of transparency and accountability in governance; denial of secularism and multi-ethnicity; negligence in equal rights for women and the marginalised, etc.

But if we look at what has been happening in the field level, we will find that her government has not made any significant headway in solving problems pointed out in her model. For example, the law is only aimed at and used for suppressing the opposition.

Very few of her parliamentarians or ministers bother about transparency and accountability. Many of the nationally and internationally known corrupt ministers have not been put to any trial. Abul Hossain has even been branded by the prime minister as "patriot". So, it is evident that Sheikh Hasina does not practice what she preaches.

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