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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Friday, December 28, 2012

News men and Bishwajit's killing

I agree with the writer about the letter titled "Why didn't shot-taking reporters save Bishwajit?" Really, where were the shot-taking reporters and bystanders when Bishwajit was hacked to death? The reporters could at least take Bishwajit to the hospital, if they could not stop the attackers. Where were they when a rickshaw puller took him to the hospital? And why didn't the bystanders save him as the photographers were so busy taking photographs? Why were they so scared to save an innocent life? The police also didn't react. Why? Our country will have a bad reputation if this type of incident keeps taking place in Bangladesh.

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The answer to this question is straightforward. This is a brutal society where people have no respect for life, no compassion, no godliness. Money is God and political power is the means to make money as the political parties patronize the goons in society.

: Sunila Shah





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