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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Friday, December 28, 2012

Will our cops ever learn to respect people?

It was very shocking indeed to witness the spot interview of a cop on duty during the recently enforced hartal by the Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) backed by the regime in power in support of banning religion-based politics in Bangladesh. The manner in which the cop responded to the question of a journalist is highly disappointing, by which he simply portrayed himself as an arrogant person.

For about two months, I have been working as a cashier in a Gas Station at Woodway Dr. Houston, Texas. The local police buy gas for their official vehicles from this gas station by maintaining a local account with the company and makes payment on a monthly basis. The night before, a police officer drove in to fill the gas tank of his official car after which he came in to sign the invoice and the receipt.

After completing the formalities, he requested for a copy of the receipt by saying, "May I have a copy of the receipt please" not to mention, a number of times in the past I have been addressed as sir by the cops on duty on different occasions. What a contrast between the cops of America and Bangladesh! I wonder in dismay, will the cops of Bangladesh ever be able to respect the people?

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