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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Friday, January 25, 2013

Check corruption, rein in BCL

Padma bridge is the long cherished dream of the people but the dream now appears to be very distant. The World Bank has told the government again and again to take action against those involved in corruption but the government did not pay heed to any of the allegations brought by the World Bank. The government has left no stone unturned to save a particular minister. The PM even called him a 'patriot'. Earlier we saw that the vociferous railway minister was very adept at articulating his views against corruption. But the midnight drama at the Pilkhana has left the people of the country dumbfounded. And he still remains a minister. But this very government has taken nefarious measures to undermine the country's lone Nobel laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus. The sooner the government realises its mistakes and takes measures to control the all-engulfing corruption, the better for the country. This government has done many remarkable works: the first verdict of ICT has just been announced, remittance flow has increased, etc. but all its good deeds have been eclipsed by corruption and the excesses committed by BCL.

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