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Friday, January 25, 2013

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Why should we celebrate this verdict?

Because it helps us to understand what Bangladesh is supposed to be

(January 23, 2013)

S. Rahman
We can celebrate the verdict, but where is the accused? Find the accused and then I will be satisfied with the verdict.

An observer
I want war crimes trial without any controversy. What is the reason for this trial after 40 years? Why did not Sheikh Mujib initiate this trial during his three and a half years' rule?

Dev Saha
Great! But, I am hardly in any celebrating mood. The man was rehabilitated before by known patrons and now who knows what holds for this fugitive in future. May be, he will be forgiven again with another political change in the country.

Md. Musa
Excellent commentary. It expresses the thoughts of the vast majority of Bangladeshi people. Khaleda Zia and BNP's roles in this regard may be shocking, but not surprising. They are the ones who are behind full rehabilitation of war criminals in our society.

I am very happy today and waiting for the verdict of Ghulam Azam's case.

Thanks, Mahfuz Anam. You have rewritten the history of the ordinary men, women and children who sacrificed their lives and dignity for freedom.

Sheikh Monirul Islam, Opee
I would really celebrate when we shall be able to issue int'l warrant to arrest those from Pakistani occupation forces who committed those crimes against humanity and Bangladesh.

Shamsul Alam
Thank you so much, Mr Anam. You have read the minds and expressed rightly the feelings of millions of Bangalees whose families had been victims of the atrocities of Razakars in 1971. Still active, these Rajakars are spending millions of dollars abroad for lobbying in favour of Jamaat and against the AL. We all, including the media should be extra-cautious about their conspiracies.

A very good start; let's now complete the trials of the rest of the culprits.

I am not agreeing with the writer. This tribunal is guided by Awami League government.

A brilliant piece of commentary. It is truly sad to note that our new generation is being told a distorted history of how Bangladesh came into being. How those notorious collaborators who opposed the creation of Bangladesh has been comfortably established in the mainstream politics and allowed to mislead people.

Salahuddin Ahmed
We are eagerly waiting to see the other verdicts.

Mozammel Khan
Wonderful comments and observations, reflecting the thoughts of the millions. Let us hope that this is the beginning of the end of the moral burdens that the nation has been carrying for the last four decades.

Niloufar Sarker
Congratulations, Mr Anam, for your commentary that reflects the true sentiments of all patriotic Bangladeshis.

Truth Teller
I would have been happier if justice were done forty years ago.

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