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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We must respect one another

It has been brought to light by the electronic media that the Bangladeshis are not only made to consume formalin mixed fish, fruits etc. but they are also compelled to consume food meant for four-footed animals.

In the recent past, large consignments of pet food were found contaminated in the United States. That imported consignment of dog food worth millions of dollars were taken out of the shelves and destroyed. A section of the unscrupulous people of Bangladesh has taken upon the responsibility to prove that the lives of the Bangladeshis are less valuable than the lives of the animals of the western hemisphere.

The reporter expressed concern about when all these malpractices will come to an end in Bangladesh. I think it is very unlikely to happen as the people are not self-respecting. All kinds of malpractices will only come to an end when the people will learn to respect one another. Very unfortunately, this has altogether disappeared from society.

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Our nation has lost its self-respecting culture whence the leaders are not respecting one another and are engaged in rebuking one another only for self attainment and fulfilling selfish motives at the cost of the people and the nation. Besides, we don't hesitate to tarnish the images of our nation's icons who are so well respected in the rest of the world. The people at large are becoming immune to all contamination and adulteration.

: Mashudul Haque





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