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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Full 'Muktijuddho Kosh' published

A complete 12-volume Bangla encyclopaedia on the Liberation War, edited by eminent historian Prof Muntasir Mamun, was published yesterday.

"Muktijuddho Kosh" was first published in 2005 in five volumes. Now it has 20,391 entries on different war-time incidents, personalities, genocides, mass graves, mass killing grounds, torture centres, anti-liberation forces, battles, and martyrs.

The 8,034-page encyclopaedia, published by Somoy Prokashan, is priced at Tk 10,000.

The publication of the book is a milestone, Prof Muntasir said at the publication ceremony at National Museum. He said a number of people voluntarily supported him in the endeavour.

Finance Minister AMA Muhith said, “The bold initiative to editing and publishing such an encyclopaedia is unbelievable. The foreign and cultural ministries should distribute it to various places.”

Prof Muntasir requested the government to allocate 100 marks to the compulsory history of Bangladesh at all levels of education. Currently, science students do not study history at all, while the subject is optional for humanities students, he said.

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Why an Engineer or a Molecular Biologist needs to study history as a compulsory subject? And what history he should read?

: A student of History

How much facts and what sorts of fiction 'Muktijuddho Kosh' contain?

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