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Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday, February 8, 2013

Alternative financing for Padma bridge

Reports on possible alternative sources of financing the bridge have been published in most English dailies on 4th February. The opinion of the President of Dhaka Stock Exchange on the subject should be given serious considerations for financing the stalled Padma Bridge Project!

Other options could also be considered. One could be to levy a surcharge of Tk.100, for all international air tickets issued from Bangladesh for international travel. Similarly, a surcharge of Tk.100 could be levied for initial registration of all motor vehicles!

Additionally, taxation on cigarettes and other tobacco and liquor products sold in Bangladesh can be increased! These and similar other tax and excise levies can be incorporated for, say a period of ten years, for financing the bridge. A decision on the matter should be taken without any loss of further time. Finally, lest we forget, this whole unwholesome saga was started by "A Bull on Padma Bridge" that was let loose!

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