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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Monday, February 11, 2013

Women must rise up against their tormentors

Only in the recent past, the death of a young Indian girl, resulting from gang rape and torture, in a moving bus, in Delhi made headlines throughout the world including Houston. People from all walks of life poured in large numbers to protest the gruesome act of the gang rape on the streets of the Indian capital.

Bangladesh is in no way different than India in this respect. Every now and then, a woman is raped in some part of the world. In most of the cases, the victim is an innocent woman or a girl and at times even a minor child, who are often killed by the savage beasts.

Perhaps, thousands of suggestions were put forward to the Indian government by the demonstrating people to stop these anti-social elements from committing such gruesome acts of rape and murder of innocent women. No law, however harsh or cruel, can stop these criminals unless and until women all over the world rise to fight against these crimes and stop thinking themselves as mere objects.

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