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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Strike by C&F agents in India halts Bhomra port activities

Export-import between Bangladesh and India through Bhomra land port came to a halt again yesterday due to an indefinite strike enforced by Ghojadanga port C&F Agent Associations of India.

Trade between the two countries through the land port remained suspended for 18 days from January 19 as Ghojadanga C&F Agent Association and Bhomra C&F Agent Association were on strike to mount pressure on the Indian authorities to allow the movement of 10-wheel goods-laden trucks on a damaged bridge at Ghojadanga.

General Secretary of Bhomra C&F Association Wahidul Islam said they went on the strike as the truckers were forced to unload their vehicles near Ghojadanga Bridge, causing a huge loss to the importers for carrying goods on six-wheel trucks from there.

Export -import activities resumed on February 6 after Indian authorities repaired the bridge and withdrew restriction on the movement of heavy vehicles on the bridge.

After a week, Ghojadanga lorry owners and transport workers halted the movement of 10-wheel trucks on the bridge. The Indian C&F agent association sought intervention of the Indian authorities in resolving the issue.

As the Indian authorities did not pay any heed to the demand, the C&F agents of Indian side decided go on the indefinite strike.

Meanwhile, Export-import through Akhaura land port resumed yesterday after four days of suspension due to assembly election in Indian Tripura state.

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