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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Monday, February 18, 2013

Electricity from municipal waste

A front page interesting news was published on 10th. February in only one local English daily about setting up of two 50MW municipal based power plants in Dhaka. It is a very welcome piece of news. Although the power generated will be sold to the grid at Tk.8 per KwH, which may appear high, it competes well with the price that PDB pays for power from liquid fuel-fired rental power plants.

It is a very important breakthrough, where for the first time; at least a sizable quantity of local fuel will be used for power generation! I believe, it has immense future prospects and it will be an effective solution for the disposal of municipal sanitary wastes. It was also good to know that in subsequent years both the power plant capacities will be increased to 50 MW each!

Unfortunately, no further details about the process, start up and completion dates of the project were given. I am sure all readers will be pleased to hear of this very productive step taken for municipal waste handling. We will request you to please follow up and print detailed information about the matter for our knowledge and information about this very worthwhile endeavour!

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We would earnestly request The Daily Star to publish a full report on this very significant national project. The project if implemented successfully will not only add power to the national grid, will also help find a new environment friendly method in properly managing huge solid waste being generated everyday.

: abu azad





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