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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

No advice, please

After dillydallying for long, BNP's reaction to the ongoing demonstration at Shahbag has really frustrated the nation. Instead of expressing solidarity, they literally gave some 'advice' to the protesters. It is really surprising. We the youths of Bangladesh know it far better than BNP that our motherland is beset with many problems of different magnitude. And we also promise to take our country to a bright future together, irrespective of class, race or religion. Mentioning some sensitive issues like border killing, they are trying in vain to divert the attention of the youths. We are protesting the killing of three million people of our motherland and one day we certainly will protest against border killing and all other political killings committed since 1975. We will surely remain vigilant against corruption and hypocrisy. But for God's sake, for now, either support or just keep listening to the roar of Shahbag. But no advice, please.

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