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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Change for the better

Change, change, and change. Change is everywhere and change is part of life. If we accept good changes, we will grow, if we reject them we will be lost. America shows that you can change yourself to new choices, new relations, new ideas, and finally to a new life. The question is how many of us are ready to embrace this shift in our paradigm.

What type of change are we talking about? We know for sure, electing Obama as President of the USA could be a 360 change for Americans, who used to hate blacks so much and now make one of them their President. In Bangladesh we don't expect 360 change, but at a minimum we may change 90 or 60 or may be even 30. We don't have to make a religious person the president of Bangladesh. We could just stop the blame game and discard the claim of banning the politics of religious parties. We should let the religious parties exercise their freedom of speech, as any other groups.

Let it be a lesson throughout the world. Let us understand and feel that we all can change ourselves. We can come out of our dogmatic approach of choosing some corrupt political leaders. It is time to change and change for the better and choose honest people as our leaders. We should change our outlook.

Let us also hope that Turkey will change to see the scarf as not a threat to the country's future. Pakistan will change and will not kill their own people only to please some foreign occupiers. Arabs will change and will not help others to kill their innocent civilian children, women neighbours.

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