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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Monday, February 2, 2009
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No thanks for president

AL lawmakers lambast Iajuddin for his role in 2 years

Awami League (AL) lawmakers in parliament yesterday blasted President Iajuddin Ahmed for "violating the constitution and conspiring against democracy" in the last two years.

They were discussing the thanksgiving motion on the president's address to the inaugural session of the ninth parliament.

A few ruling party lawmakers including AL Presidium member Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir came down heavily on the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). They termed the ACC the most corrupt institution, and called for a parliamentary probe into its last two years' activities.

The lawmakers accused the president of betraying the nation by remaining silent and approving all misdeeds of the BNP-Jamaat government and the caretaker government.

They also opposed giving thanks to the president for his inaugural speech.

BNP-led opposition lawmakers had boycotted the president's address accusing him of violating the constitution. A BNP lawmaker even submitted a notice demanding a discussion on the president's alleged violation of the constitution.

The speaker, however, rejected the notice along with 20 other notices.

The ruling party lawmakers followed their arch-rival's suit and criticised the outgoing president. They even raised question on whether the new parliament should thank the president as lawmakers have started opposing the motion.

"I am raising allegations against the president in parliament. He has betrayed the nation by breaching the constitution and for which he has to be held accountable," AL leader Alamgir told the House as ruling party lawmakers kept on thumping their desks.

He also accused the immediate past caretaker government chief Fakhruddin Ahmed of breaching the constitution.

He said the highest ever amount of money was laundered when Fakhruddin Ahmed was the governor of Bangladesh Bank.

The AL presidium member said all officials of the ACC should be asked to submit their wealth statements.

He questioned the legality of the procedure through which the ACC chief and other officials of the commission were appointed.

"In the name of curbing corruption, conspiracy was hatched to control politicians and place kings' party in power," said Alamgir, who was sentenced to several years' imprisonment in a graft case during the caretaker government regime.

He said steps needed to be taken to prevent soldiers from taking arms and snatching power.

AL lawmaker Asaduzzaman Noor said the president should have apologised for breaching public trust. He did not object to any of the misdeeds by the BNP-led government.

"So it's not possible for me to thank the president," Noor said.

AL lawmakers Shamsul Haque Chowdhury, MA Mannan, Abdul Majid Khan, ABM Golam Mostafa and Israfil Alam took part in the discussion.

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As a long standing observer of politics in Bangladesh, it seems a great shame that the AL and the BNP are resorting to the politics of the kindergarten. The AL should tackle the real problems facing the people of Bangladesh, and the BNP should hold their policies and actions to account. Get on with the real business, and stop arguing over petty issues.

: Michael Pickett

It is disappointing that our parliament functions as no more than the theater of tantrums. There are certain comments here, made of course, by a lawmaker, who feels wronged by the ACC, that leave me angered and disappointed. It is the same hollow and mindless rhetoric that marked the pre 1/11 politics. Which begs the question, what have we changed?



  • Nasarullah
    Monday, February 2, 2009 10:32 AM GMT+06:00 (366 weeks ago)

    Some of the issues are very clearly depicted and these need to review further to have more clarity and transference.

    How the ACC has been working particularly the issue of transparency, to avoid people raising concerns.

    Surely, we need some strong intuition to control corruptions and dishonesty, we all are not immaculate but the procedures and process are to be more clear and acceptable not hurting people image and dignity.

    President speech is the picture and plan of sitting Government, though some of the delicate issues he failed to address well despite of his good intention during last two years, probably.

    We all are human being and we have our limitations and made mistakes knowingly and unknowingly and therefore we will do best that way we feel well and it should not happen intentionally

  • Md. Arifur Rahman
    Monday, February 2, 2009 04:49 PM GMT+06:00 (366 weeks ago)

    The people of Bangladesh will never forget those days i.e the period of 2 years as golden era of Formation of democracy due to the following reason and the president roll will be written in the Golden plate

    1) Fair governments with few ministry running many ministry of each 2) Many reform and rule necessitate for holding free and fair election 3) Strengthening the RAB activity to shout out outlaws with improvement of law order situation .4) Formation of independent body like ACC and TAC 5) Separation of judiciary from executive.6) The corruption in the procurement process were almost fair unlike the Chittagong port Cases. To maintain those 90 days were not enough and approved by the Law board required 2 years had been justified to all concern.

    Not only the people of Bangladesh but also the whole world saw how Politicians and MPs were doing corruption by involving with extortion of many from the Business man, Government projects, service man, giving service to the people etc depriving the common people. Now the President should get honor and dignity to keep his role as acceptable to all concern to this fair process of democracy. But I don’t understand why All MPs of AL and BNP have the same opinions about the president roll about a conspirator of Democracy. Did their comments match with the voice of the common people? Is the country going back to 1/11 as we have seen the case had just begun to start from Airport CAB Services? It resembles the same indications that were being done by the BNP led, now AL leaders are going to do so to whom the public will vote for next time nobody knows.

  • Hosen Khan
    Monday, February 2, 2009 12:18 PM GMT+06:00 (366 weeks ago)

    I think both party should remember how far a President of Bangladesh could do anything without consent of ruling party .They should review this . This President also back boneless ,unless how can its possible to act just like a puppet . In one sense I think he should not leave without punish, on the other hand I think it should not launch ,bcs we have to look forward for advancement of our country.We have to work out priority basis so that in future we do not want to see that kind of puppet show.

  • Shahzad Uddin
    Monday, February 2, 2009 02:36 PM GMT+06:00 (366 weeks ago)

    It is astonishing to see the Bangladesh politics gone back to its old shape. It seems to me that these politicians (not all, of course) did not learn anything (not that I expected them to do so). At least, they should show a sense of understanding of what happened in 1/11. They still, at least officially, involve with very petty conflicts. I think this is more than what it seems. They are simply showing little regard to accountability to Bangladeshi people. I think they pretend to believe in accountability, democracy and transparency. Had they believed in those values that would have reflected in their recent activities. They are making mockery of democratic values (if they understand what they are!).

    This is really painful for many Bangladeshi to see what levels these politicians degraded themselves to. Sometimes, don't we all feel frustrated and hopeless?

  • Akesji
    Monday, February 2, 2009 03:41 PM GMT+06:00 (366 weeks ago)

    I find it strange and painful that the newly elected MPs from both AL and BNP have started criticising the caretaker government initiatives to correct the corrupt image of Bangladesh politicians of the last thirty years. It is time that instead of looking back and harping on a politics of retribution, the new government should work out policies and actions to provide a progressive people friendly development orientd administration. People who were living in glass houses should not throw stones; it will only make the real task of realizing a prosperous corruption free peceful Bangladesh as early as possible difficult, and perhaps revert the country back to the chaos she had to endure for years.





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