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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Monday, July 13, 2009
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BSF to be asked to stop killing

DG-level talks with BDR begin in Dhaka

Bangladesh and India kick off a three-day director general level conference between BDR and BSF at the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) headquarters in the city yesterday.Photo: STAR

Bangladesh and India kicked off a border conference at the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) headquarters yesterday morning, while two Bangladeshis were shot dead by Indian Border Security Force (BSF) at Chuadanga and Dinajpur frontiers.

At the three-day director general level conference between BDR and BSF, Dhaka will raise the issue of killings, wounding, and torture of unarmed Bangladeshi nationals by BSF and Indian civilians at the border.

"Once again we will request our counterpart to take measures and stop such killings and the firings," a senior BDR official told The Daily Star last night.

Four other Bangladeshis were also killed on Thursday in separate incidents of BSF firings at the border.

According to Odhikar, a human rights organisation, 50 Bangladeshis were killed by BSF firings at the border in the past six months.

An 18-member Indian delegation led by BSF Director General ML Kumawat arrived in Dhaka on Saturday afternoon for the conference, where a 22-member Bangladeshi delegation is being led by BDR DG Maj Gen Md Mainul Islam.

Discussions on strengthening joint patrols and preventing trans-border smuggling, especially of narcotics, will figure prominently at the conference. Both sides will try to strengthen the relationship through various programmes.

Bangladesh will also raise the issue of pushing in Bangla speaking Indians into Bangladesh.

Erection of fences, road construction, and excavations within 150 yards of the border line by India in the name of defence strategy, will also come into discussion, according to the discussion agenda of BDR.

Facilitating development works for prevention of land erosion by rivers is also included in the agenda.

The BSF agenda sent to BDR, emphasise on joint efforts for preventing human trafficking, and extended cooperation in curbing trans-border crimes.

India will also seek Bangladesh's cooperation in construction of its border fence, and in facilitating development works along the border.

"Joint efforts to prevent trans-border crimes like smuggling of narcotics, and formulation of a joint border management plan will also be featured in the discussion," added the BSF agenda.

A statement issued by BDR also said a joint records of discussion (JRD) will be signed by both sides on July 14.

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Bangladesh is always having meetings after meetings with India. Haven't seen any progress yet. India will go back after the meeting and resume killing innocent Bangladeshis.

: Zubair Hasib

The BDR-BSF meeting will not be able to stop killing of our innocent Bangladeshi people at border areas by BSF.

: munna


  • zerosopher
    Monday, July 13, 2009 08:20 AM GMT+06:00 (343 weeks ago)

    Brothers, daughters, sons, father & mothers' killed. killers are welcome!

    These meeting are guaranteed to produce no result unless the back bone of the nation is decided to be upheld on its own resources or strength.

  • Zardad Ahmed
    Monday, July 13, 2009 11:52 AM GMT+06:00 (343 weeks ago)

    India has paid no respect to any agreements that they have made with Bangladesh. So, what is the point of holding meetings with that nation which doesn't have any values and respect for its neighboring countries ?

  • Mashruk Momin
    Monday, July 13, 2009 12:00 PM GMT+06:00 (343 weeks ago)

    There is no point of holding meetings with a nation which has absolutely no respect for our nation. The history of India-Bangladesh is a clear testimony of that. India is here merely to serve their own interests. They don't have the mentality to come to a mutual agreement and establish peace between the two nations.

  • Md. Ashraf Hossain
    Monday, July 13, 2009 12:17 PM GMT+06:00 (343 weeks ago)

    Millions of villagers in neighbor India rear cows to have milk and to plough their farm lands. They do not need huge number of oxen and bulls which born naturally every year. It is burden to Indian cow rears to feed oxen and bulls every day without getting any financial performance. They became relived when they can sale those to any one. On the other hand, people in Bangladesh need millions of cows every year for religious sacrifice. Such huge quantities of cows are not breed in Bangladesh. An informal regular trade of oxen and bulls between India and Bangladesh has been developed as a result of these practical factors. Indeed a few hundred thousand cows, mainly oxen and bulls were smuggled in to Bangladesh from India every year in last couple of years. Informal channels were developed through out India to bring oxen and bulls close to border of Bangladesh. A few groups of traders form India use to sale oxen and bulls to Bangladeshi traders. Ultimately those oxen and bulls were smuggled in Bangladesh. An informal chain was developed to do this huge trade, which is not legal as per laws of both Bangladesh and India. Officially no government can encourage this smuggling. News appear on news papers frequently that Indian BSF shoot and kill cattle smugglers in border area. It is matter of grate regret that both Bangladeshi and Indian informal cattle traders become victim of such killings

    It is a win-win situation for international trade. Bangladesh and India should initiate legal measure of trading of oxen and bulls by internationally accepted export and import system. Both are neighbor countries, this type of killing must to stop immediately. Both Bangladesh and India can gain from formal acceptable import and export of oxen and bulls. The seven sister states of India adjacent to north and east Bangladesh border may be given preference in the proposed cattle trade. The impending regulations in force in Bangladesh and India in case of cattle import are to be amended to encourage importers.

    In this scenario initiative from government of Bangladesh is needed to discuss the issue with government of India to start formal border trade of oxen and bulls from India to Bangladesh involving private sector traders.

    Md. Ashraf Hossain





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