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Friday, July 6, 2018
Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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Transports play an important role in carrying people and goods from one place to another. It may be both speedy and slow transports. Rickshaw is one of them and unfortunately it is one of the causes of traffic jam. It causes traffic jam in the narrow lanes in the city area, especially in Dhaka city. Scooters are also responsible for traffic jam. As a result, traffic jam is a common phenomenon in our city life. It is also so acute in almost all the urban areas of Bangladesh. So, to lead a traffic jam-free life rickshaws and scooters should be removed from the towns.

Moreover, two flyovers one from Gulistan to Babu Bazar Bridge and another one from the same place to Jatrabari are very much necessary to avoid traffic jam. I would like to thank the govt. for taking such kind of steps. Actually, the people don't like to see any kind of traffic jam any more.

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I like rickshaw.But Its creat jam.

: Arabinda Saha

Not true at all. Rickshaws do have a roll in creating traffic jam but compared to the mechanized vehicles like cars and buses the reason of Rickshaw jams are less than 25%. By removing rickshaws, Scooters or cars is not going to solve the traffic congestion. What we need is a minimum of 27% cross roads all over the city to combat the cities traffic and population. Unless this is done, nothing on earth can save this city from traffic congestion. Flyovers and underpasses can be made later for smooth flow of traffic. With out making new roads, building flyovers will be of no use as to reach the fly over one will certainly need to go through the roads first.

: Sohel Ahmed





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