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Sunday, September 27, 2020
Monday, March 22, 2010
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Feedback performs at the event.
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Mega-hits of the band Feedback are getting a makeover and "mix-master" Fuad Al Muqtadir is ready for the job.

Nokia would be presenting an album featuring the re-imagining of Feedback songs. The album will include 10 popular songs, which took the 80s' musical scene by storm.

The songs to be featured in the upcoming album will be selected through an online poll. Fans can vote for their favourite Feedback songs (out of twenty) like "Abar Mela", "Udashi Ei Mon", "Ek Jhak Projapoti", "Moushumi 1", "Janala", "Chithi", "Bidrohi," "Swadesh", "Geeti Kobita 1", "Geeti Kobita 2", "Palki 1", "Palki 2", "Gurur Bhab", "Kori Mana", "Prem", "Emoni Raate", "Ei Din Chirodin" and "Dur Thekey Durey". Music enthusiasts can vote on

"I will definitely keep the original essence of the songs intact; the sound would get a makeover," said Fuad.

"When I first heard of the project, I was a little nervous, and for good reasons. Feedback is one of the pioneers of contemporary Bangladeshi music. Remaking their songs would be a demanding job," he said.

"I will give it my best shot," he added.

Talking about the project, Labu Rahman, vocalist and lead guitarist of Feedback said, "Original lyrics and compositions won't be tampered with. What the listeners would get is an updated sound and Fuad's magic. I'm optimistic that the album will be equally popular among the youngsters and old school Feedback fans.”

The announcement was made at Hotel Sonargaon on March 20. Among others, Nowfel Anwar, head of marketing, Nokia Emerging Asia; members of Feedback and Fuad were present at the event. Feedback performed some of their songs at the event.

The project has been named "Play Project".

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It is really good but we miss Maksud bhai.

: Shaik Hasnat

It is good idea. Fuad & Feedback..go on

: McMahtab





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