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It was 10 minutes before noon on May 29 when the ravishing Aupee Karim arrived in a black and white fatua and jeans with her beguiling smile and that spark in her eyes. Before the phone line got busy (for the next one hour) the Arts and Entertainment Desk put a few questions to the popular actress, TV show host and dancer.

The Daily Star (TDS): You're an actress and TV show host but you also teach. If you had to choose one profession, which would you opt for?
Hands down, it'd be teaching. I just love it!

TDS: How would you define your attitude towards life in one word?
Easy-going. My parents have never pressured me into doing anything. They have advised me to carry on with my studies, dance or whatever so that I didn't lose out. Achievements follow naturally when you take interest -- that's what they always said. Perhaps that's why I enjoy life and have been able to cross several hurdles with ease.

TDS: Who is your idol? Who would your ideal co-actor be?
Idol -- none in particular. But who can deny the captivating smile of Suchitra Sen, the persona of Ferdousi Majumdar, the charm of Suborna Mustafa and so on.

In most of the plays I've done, Mahfuz Ahmed and more recently Mosharraf Karim have been my co-actors. But if I was ever paired up with a Bollywood actor, I'd want him to be Farhan Akhtar.

TDS: How would you define good and bad acting?
When an actor can convince the audience that the character (s)he is playing is for real, that is good acting. If not, it would be the other way around.

The line gets flooded with calls a minute after noon.
Daisy (first caller) from Elephant Road, Dhaka: I'm a student of Viqarunessa Noon School. I cannot concentrate in my studies. You are an architect, an actress and a dancer. How do you manage to do all that?

Aupee: Life is full of challenges. Keep trying and don't lose heart. I was very moody myself. Just put your heart and soul to it and be optimistic.

Adiba from Mirpur, Dhaka: You are my role model. I adore you for your personality. Why don't we see you that often on TV now?
Aupee: I was doing my post graduation in Germany. I am presently teaching at AIUB, in the Department of architecture. You might know that TV shooting continues for quite a few days and I have very limited time to spare. Also lately I have become selective about new acting offers. But there are quite a few in the pipeline for the upcoming Eid.

Pijush Mukherjee from Kishoreganj: How do you define success?
Not sure how to define that but Musa Ibrahim has attained success by reaching the highest point of earth.

Mahboob from Uttara, Dhaka: Are you religious?
Religion is something personal. At our home, praying at break of dawn is a must. I believe in Almighty and have learnt that doing no wrong is the greatest teaching of every religion.

Aragh from Sylhet: Any plan to visit Sylhet? What if you were to choose a career in the armed forces?
We just returned from a trip to Sylhet. As to your second query, since I am a student of BAF Shaheen, I am more inclined towards the Air Force. I would love to become a pilot, if there was still a chance to do so (smilingly).

Shopon from Jessore: I need your advice on how to convince my son from going astray.
First try to talk and get close to him. See what is bothering him. If he doesn't respond, tough love should do it. If that doesn't help either, consult a councillor.

Lipi from Uttara, Dhaka: People say I resemble you. But you have prettier eyes for sure! I have seen you often near New Market. Next time I see you, can I talk to you?
That's a very nice compliment! It'd be great to talk to you. Seems like you saw me returning from BUET.

Rahman Jahangir (senior journalist) from Dhaka: You were superb in a hilarious TV play, which also starred Mosharraf Karim. What's the name of that TV play?
I think you are talking about the single-episode play “Hawaai Mithai.” I will pass on the message to the director.

Saquib from Dhanmondi, Dhaka: When is your birthday?
May 1.

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