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Scenes from the film.
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“Although the Liberation War has been captured on reel many times, “Pita” is the first film which solely focuses on a father's perspective during the war,” said director of the upcoming feature film, Masud Akhand. Produced by Impress Telefim Ltd, shooting for the movie began on June 5 at Gazipur's Sarker Para. In the first phase, shooting was held for 15 days deep inside the woods in the area; the second phase took 10 days. Akhand said the locals, who were initially hesitant about the shooting in their locale, later provided sincere support to the crew.

“Pita” will feature six songs -- of which shooting for two have already been completed. Meher Afroze Shawon, Kona, Pantho Kanai, Chanchal Chowdhury and Rafiq Islam have lent their voices to the tunes of Emon Saha for the film. The theme song “Ami Jaini Kokhono Amar Pitar Gram-e” has been written by acclaimed novelist and director Humayun Ahmed.

Akhand gave the details of the songs, saying Shawon has sung the familiar Rabindra Sangeet “Shokatore Oi Kadiche Shokole”, besides pairing up with Chanchal Chowdhury for a song written by Masud Akhand himself. The movie is entirely based on the Liberation War, added Akhand.

The set and props erected for shooting include an entire colony of potters and a blacksmith's workshop, while a swamp was also dug for the production. Even pigs were rented for five days. The director acknowledged the contribution of Bangladesh Ansar who provided 16 sets of arms and 16 soldiers, along with a jeep for shooting. Akhand also expressed gratitude to the production house Nuhash Cholochitro for supplying props.

Cast of “Pita” include Jayanta Chattopadhyay, Kalyan, Shayna Amin, Upoma, Moin Durrani, Shamima Naznin, Anjuman Ara Bakul, Abdullah Rana and Jewel Rana. Bonya Mirza and the director himself will make special appearances.

About 80 percent of the filming has been completed; the rest will be shot after Ramadan. Akhand says that he and his team are optimistic about releasing the movie by the beginning of next year.

The storyline of “Pita”: A meeting is held at the house of a Hindu community head Nitai Thakur to discuss rumours about the war. In contrast another meeting is held at village chief Jomadar's house with the agenda of keeping Pakistan undivided. Shorot, the son of a fisherman, is determined to cling to his land and fight for freedom; his wife Pallabi is expecting. His father opposes his decision and tension simmers between the two.

Saiful Shaheen is behind the camera for the filming of “Pita”.

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