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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Friday, October 28, 2011

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The intellectual observations by Mahfuz Anam in The Daily Star and Oxford scholar Bobby Hajjaj in an English language newspaper this week on the present woes of the Awami League government and the BNP demands serious thought by both the parties and the people of Bangladesh.

The rivalry dramas being acted out between both 'ladies' is shameful, immoral and does nothing whatsoever to eliminate the problems of the poor, the businesses, the industries, or to move this nation forward an inch .

It's time we grew up and faced the fact that this nation is now 40-year-old and should be standing tall and proud among the nations of the world. The excuses of four decades ago no longer apply and family quarrels hold little interest when the thunder of rumbling stomachs can be heard.

Furthermore, if law and order is so good, why did the prime minister and many of the cabinet members double their own personal security?

When we see the impressive pictures in the newspapers of thousands of people attending their orchestrated public meetings, one cannot help but ask why these people are not screaming at the speakers: "give us jobs" or "the 100 taka attendance fee is not enough."

As Bobby Hajjaj points out, the people's faith in the present cabinet is all but gone. A reshuffle is urgently needed, but that won't necessarily save the Awami League in the next election…but it's worth a try.

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