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Arefin Shuvo is a successful TV actor and model, garnering much critical acclaim for his performance in dramas like “Lilaboti”. Along the way, he has worked with many renowned directors which has given a boost to his media ambitions. However, of late the star seems to have shifted his focus from TV plays to celluloid.

The Daily Star recently talked to the talented actor about his current film, his ambitions and a host of other issues. Some highlights:

TDS: You are currently working in the film “Chhayachhobi”, as well as signing a new film with a renowned director. Tell us more.

Arefin Shuvo: I am extremely happy. I feel like I'm headed in the right direction by pursuing my dreams in the movie arena. For a newcomer to get the chance to work in a film by a renowned director like Sohanur Rahman Sohan is a major achievement.

But the movie that I'm doing right now, “'Chhayachhobi” by Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Raj, is capable of altering the commercial trends in the film industry. I believe the younger generation and families will stage a return to cinema halls to view the film.

TDS: What makes you so confident about the success of “Chhayachhobi”?

Arefin Shuvo: I am confident because the film has a contemporary and realistic story line. Our audience appreciates a good story.

TDS: Shooting for the songsin “Chhayachhobi” is already complete. Tell us about the shooting experience.

Arefin Shuvo: Earlier, I worked in the film “Jaago” which had a unique angle. The satisfaction in working for “Chhayachhobi” is different. In the latter movie, Purnima acts opposite me. She has been very helpful throughout the shooting, constantly making sure that I was comfortable and that I had no trouble in enacting my role. The entire experience was enjoyable.

TDS: After the 'mahurat' for Salahuddin Lavlu's film “Warish” was held, why was the shooting cancelled?

Arefin Shuvo: Salahuddin Lavlu can give you the right answer. I am not certain about that.

TDS: Was it because of “Warish” that you visited Mumbai to take special dance lessons?

Arefin Shuvo: No, it was part of my learning experience. Dance gets low priority in our films, while dancers abroad are specially trained. Though I was well acquainted with our local dance styles, I felt the need to learn about other genres outside the country, and Bollywood dance seemed a natural step.

TDS: What is the secret behind your success on the silver screen?

Arefin Shuvo: My mother says there is no formula for success. It cannot be achieved just by taking right or left turns. I feel that dedication, integrity and love for the work will eventually result in success.

TDS: Do have a few words for the audience?

Arefin Shuvo: I would urge them to watch my films. If they didn't find anything new or special about my performance, then I would say please don't watch my movies anymore. Another thing I can say with confidence is that my dance moves in my forthcoming films are unprecedented in the country.

TDS: Which movies have you signed up for?

Arefin Shuvo: I've signed up for a movie by Sohanur Rahman Sohan. I'll also work in a film by F.I. Manik. Many other offers are coming my way. All my plans revolve around the silver screen at the moment. I don't intend to work just for monetary gains, but plan on doing some quality work on celluloid. I seek blessings from everyone so I can achieve that goal.

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