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With Sohanur Rahman Sohan's “Keyamat Thekey Keyamat,” Bangladeshi filmdom got a new lease of life. Through this blockbuster, two stars were born -- Salman Shah and Moushumi.

Shahriar Chowdhury Imon aka Salman Shah (his stage name) changed the typical image of a Bangladeshi film actor. In the early 1990s when the country's film industry remained stagnant, Salman Shah took the film industry by storm with his spirited performance and irresistible charm. The ailing film industry witnessed a real romantic hero and welcomed a new era in the romantic film genre with his appearance. Soon he turned into a heartthrob of the young moviegoers.

The late actor Salman Shah had been and still is a shining star in Bangladeshi filmdom. In his short span of film career he acted in 18 hit films. He secured a strong foothold with the film “Keyamat Thekey Keyamat”. And it was followed by films such as “Shopner Thikana”, “Denmohor”, “Tumi Amar”, “Tomakey Chai”, “Anjuman”, “Priyojon”, “Konyadan”, “Swapner Nayok”, “Swapner Purush”, “Ananda Ashru”, “Ei Ghar Ei Shongshar”, “Sujan Sokhi”, “Prem Juddha”, “Buker Bhetor Agun”, “Swapner Prithibi” and several other smash hits that exceeded the expectations of the audiences. Movie theatres that ran his films buzzed with youngsters.

But the shining star was soon lost under a dark cloud. On September 6, 1996, the people of Bangladesh were deeply shocked by Salman's untimely demise. Film enthusiasts could not accept his untimely passing. Failing to cope with the loss of their favourite actor, some ardent fans even took their own lives.

Salman Shah brought a change into the stagnant scenario of Bangladeshi films. Notwithstanding his extraordinary popularity, nothing significant has been done to commemorate this talented actor. No initiative has been taken to observe his birth/death anniversaries.

It is understood that people in the current film industry have consigned him to oblivion and none has hitherto taken any initiative to preserve his memories.

Apart from acting in film, Salman Shah acted in several TV plays including “Akash Chhoya”, “Doyel”, “Shob Pakhi Ghar-e Phere”, “Saikat Sarosh”, “Anjuman” and “Nayon”. He also acted in two TV serials titled “Etikatha” and “Pathor Somoy”.

Sohanur Rahman Sohan who brought Salman Shah into filmdom said, “I would address Salman Shah as Emon. Truly Speaking I recall Emon all the time. But I remember him when the month September comes, as he left us in this month. ”

“We together started acting in film. Salman was not only the hero of my film but also a good friend of mine,” said actress Moushumi.

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