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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Wednesday, November 14, 2012
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The government has called the last month's TIB report on parliamentarians' activities a study to project the graft watchdog's "preconceived notion" using "convenience samplings".

"It appears from the primary review of the [TIB] questions [for survey respondents] that the widely discussed study did not follow appropriately the methods used for social researches," said an information ministry statement yesterday.

"It [also] appears that the [TIB] research work was carried out on a negative notion . . . conducting it under a certain set of negative questions for selected respondents," it added.

The reaction came nearly a month after the Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) released a study report alleging nearly 97 percent lawmakers were found involved in "negative activities".

Soon after the report was published, the information ministry sought TIB clarification on particular 31 points. After reviewing the graft body's clarification, the government yesterday came up with its "primary reaction".

The ministry statement said "The formal reaction [of the government] will be expressed by the information ministry through a press conference on November 18."

The legislative bench of the state or parliament was the basic pillar of democracy on which the people laid their "consent to rule", it said.

"For this reason, any study on the people's highest institution in democratic system, Parliament, must be carried out with unquestionable responsibility, alertness and scientific methods," it added.

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This type of statements by the government is nothing new. It does not like anything that is critical of its behaviour. If the government could accept criticisms and rectify itself then we would have a better country.

: Truth Teller

The methodology of TIB was flawed. It was biased sample. There was no questionnaire. Depending on how a question is asked respondent's answer may vary. Interviewers being from TIB respondents gave the answer which TIB wanted to hear. There are many other weaknesses of the study which can not be discussed here.

: Waheed Nabi





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