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Friday, June 22, 2018
Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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Your Tangail correspondent deserves congratulations for his article and thanks for two pictures of the incomplete bridges published by you on 21st. November.

Why the two much needed bridges are not being completed, and left in limbo? Is there no local MP in the area, who might do something to restart this important work now lying abandoned? Why is the opposition party in the area not raising the issue in public? In the national interest, the PM may please look into it and see that the work is restarted, the sooner the better. At least one of the two bridges can be completed during AL's term in office. I am sure such a step will help her cause in the coming national election. People, who need and will use this bridge, will definitely support the government, if this much needed work is undertaken and completed. Mere requesting of funds and asking the contractor to complete the work, without any funds available, is just a waste of time and energy of the low level officials. A political approach is needed, to accelerate fund allocation, duly supported by official requisition for funds. The local MP should seriously take up and follow this matter with due deliberation with the ministry and higher authorities. If, say, even seven crore taka is arranged, I believe, one of the two bridges can be completed within the AL's term in office. After all it is a matter of overall public interest for all!

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