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Impress Telefilms latest movie "Pita", a story against the backdrop of the Liberation War, is set to release today in 40 movie theatres across the country. The film, written and directed by Masud Akand and made in digital format, has already premiered. The cast of the film includes Jayanta Chattapadhyay, Bonya Mirza, Shayla Amin, Shamima Naznee, Upoma, Moin Durrani and Jewel Rana, while director Masud Akand himself also plays an important role on screen.

The story of the film is based on the Hindu-majority village "Chhoy Ani". Nobody in the village knows of the genocide of March 26 and the wind of the Liberation War has not touched the village yet. No one in the village knows how to operate the only radio in the area. The Pakistani military attacks the village, forcing the Hindu villagers to hide in the jungles. And thus begins the story of a brave freedom fighter father.

Director Masud Akand has been working as an actor in Humayun Ahmed's TV plays for a few years now, including his last venture "Ghetu Putro Komola". When asked why he chose this subject for his directorial debut, Akand said he wanted a memorable start, and no story is bigger for this country than the struggle for Liberation.

Actor Jayanta Chattapadhyay also said he loved working for the film because of its storyline.

Busy actor of the small screen, Kalyan Corraya plays the lead male character in the film. Talking to The Daily Star, he said that the work for his debut on the silver screen has been memorable, because of the story, and the character he played.

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