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Sunday, May 27, 2018
Monday, January 28, 2013
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Fire Service and Civil Defence yesterday urged the factory owners to preserve its emergency number 9555555 and put it on display so that workers could see it clearly and call the fire brigade fast in case of fire.

"The fire service is open round the clock. Fire engines will set off for the scene within 30 seconds of a call from any place in the country," said a press release.

The fire service's statement came against the backdrop of Saturday's fire that killed seven workers at a garment factory in the capital's Mohammadpur.

“We have found that people affected by fire and other disasters delay calling the fire service. Maybe this is because many do not know our number or they just can't remember the number in an emergency situation," read the press release.

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This emergency number should have given much more ago. Only emergency numbers not enough, our fire-fighters need more robust and comprehensive training (at home and abroad) on any kind of fire fighting and search and rescue in the event of major fire or natural disaster. Govt should provide them with more sophisticated fire engines, vehicles, (both large and small) fire proof uniforms, masks, communications devices or equipments and other necessary staff for the Bangladesh Fire Brigades to prepare and rush to the place of occurrence with in short time. Entire country should be brought under one unified fire training, planning and operation for fire and search and rescue operational systems. Fire dehydrate water points and water reservoirs should be built near all the garments and other industries, city's main roads and small roads all over the country to meet water resources in the event of fire fighting. Building fire dehydrate points should be mandatory for the owners of all the industries. It is found that waters not available during fire fighting. DG fire service and Director Operation should be more active to review his department's preparedness all over the country and forward to the Home ministry to fulfil all the requirements of the Fire Brigades. Considering our densely population and roads position, strategies should be prepared to face any eventualities. Civil Defence program should be activated with the participation of people from all walks of life, including schools, colleges, teachers, garments and industrial workers through regular Fire Drill all overt the country. Information in the event of any fire, (small or big) preparation against fire, what should be done? Causes, prevention and survival should be discriminated all over the country by Radio/TV/ Newspapers. If any negligence's are found. DG and Director Operation, Fire Brigades should be ready to face severe punishments, not only by a mere obsolete and backdated 'suspension or show cause' systems.

: Kazi Salim





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