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Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Friday, January 30, 2009

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Both manifestos submitted by the two parties, AL and BNP, emit more of a jocular tone. AL, who overwhelming defeated its opposition in the ninth parliamentary election, have sworn to present the nation a 'digital Bangladesh'. This is a bit ambiguous representation that we observe in many cases. As large percentage of our population is illiterate and cannot be expected to understand the meaning of the word 'digit', so it is very ridiculous to present us the so-called Digital Bangladesh.

Apart from the uninformed, even scholars are unable to find the point behind this ambiguous phrase. According to OXFORD DICTIONARY the word 'digital' expresses a group of meanings. 'Displaying readout in digital form', 'pertaining to numerical analysis', 'available in electronic form', are some of the meanings of the word. In order to gallop towards the ultimate goal the present government should be astute enough to move through a well planned way.

To build a Digital Bangladesh the government must provide electricity all over the country. Otherwise it can be interpreted as 'unavailable in electronic form'.

Subir Das, Dept. of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Ahsan Ullah Hall, BUET

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I personally felt that the manifestos that has been laid out by AL and BNP did not provide sufficient mechanics as to how to achieve those promises. Only time can tell as to what the future holds.

: Manhal





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