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Baby Nazneen
The popular pop and playback singer, Baby Nazneen whose musical spell leaves the audience high on their seats, says, “Valentine's day is a day that revolves around love.” She further believes that the theme of the day is truly beautiful and is not focused on romantic love alone but is utilised to show one's family, friends and society as a whole what they mean and how important they are.

Nazneen says, “This is a special day when you should forget about yourself and put another's interest above your own. True love can only be found in those willing to give up anything and everything for the ones they love.”

So, how does she describe 'love'? “Love is selfless. Love consists of self-sacrifices. Love is unconditional. Love is altruistic,” she says, “We know that no living being can survive without water; life loses its meaning without love. I usually spend this day with the ones I love; try to communicate with my fans and basically enjoy the whole day. This Valentine's Day is all the more special as my latest album comes out today.”

“Valentine's Day is being celebrated all over the world today. People like to spend the day with that special someone,” Shajol says. “But I believe, love comes from the heart and true love doesn't need one particular day out of 365 for celebration,” he adds.

“Even though Valentine's Day originated in the west, these days young people in our country celebrate the occasion with equal enthusiasm.

“On this day people should express their love and compassion for not just their significant others but also for everyone around them. We should help each other, learn to share and start working together.”

“This Valentine's Day I'll be busy with shooting, but I intend to spend some time with my family, friends, and close ones in the afternoon,” Shajol says.

“To me Valentine's Day is like any other day. We express our love for parents on Mother's day and Father's day, and Valentine's Day is supposed to be spent with the one you love,” Tisha says.

“Love can be expressed everyday, but a special day gives lovers an occasion to celebrate,” she adds. “I'll celebrate this Valentine's Day with my family. We usually go out for dinner on this day.”

I have no classes today so I'll probably wake up late. I intend to spend some time with my friends and at night go out with my family,” says Tisha. “Thanks to globalisation, satellite TV, Facebook and other means of cultural exchange, trends are popularised fast throughout the world. If we can reject the bad and adopt the good things, then where's the harm?”

Abida Sultana & Rafiqul Alam
They met on a Pahela Baishakh for the first time. They performed their first duet on another Pahela Baishakh and coincidentally, they got married on another Pahela Baishakh. The day is obviously significant to the artiste duo Abida Sultana and Rafiqul Alam. Abida and Rafiq are one of the most prominent singer couples in Bangladesh. Although they often perform together, they solo careers are equally impressive.

Rafiqul Alam sees Valentine's Day as something positive. He says, "Though this celebration started many years ago in Europe and North America, in the context of our culture, it's relatively new. I think, in our national life we have fewer options for enjoyment. In this regard, Valentine's Day is a good occasion to cheer up. At present Valentine's Day is as special as Pahela Baishakh or Pahela Falgun to the youngsters."

Abida observes the day as a surplus. "Historically and traditionally Bengalis are loving and caring people. So, we don't need a special day to celebrate love. However, I consider it a surplus, as it gives me an occasion to celebrate with my husband and son," she says.

Although Abida and Rafiq are busy with their stage performances, tours and albums, they make time for each other on this special day. "Over the last few years we have been celebrating Valentine's Day with much enthusiasm. Either Rafiq gets me a gift or I give him something special and we both give a special gift to our son. It's become a custom for us," says Abida.

However, this year they cannot celebrate the day, as both of them are quite busy with different programmes. At present, Abida is working on four albums, while Rafiq plans to release his next album on Pahela Baishakh.

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