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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Tuesday, June 2, 2009
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Cast and crew of the film “Monpura” were felicitated by Chalachchitram at the event. Photo: Mumit M
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“This film doesn't follow the typical commercial film formula, it has no big movie star, action or dance sequences. It doesn't even have a 'happy ending.' Yet, audiences all over the country have hugely appreciated it. 'Monpura' is an astounding success! At a time when our audiences were turning their backs to the cinema halls, this movie has brought them back to the theatres,” said noted filmmaker Morshedul Islam, president of Chalachchitram at programme felicitating cast and crew of the film. "Monpura," directed by Giasuddin Selim, has been running successfully at movie theatres throughout the country for the last four months.

The event was held at the Goethe Institut, Dhaka on May 31. Director of the film; actors Mili, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Dilara Zaman, Mirana Zaman, Monir Khan Shimul and Ahsanul Haque Minu; art director Mithu; cinematographer Kamrul Hasan Khasru; editor (post production) Junaid Halim; playback singer Chandana Majumder and others were present at the event. At the event, the guests shared their experiences while making the film. A brief musical programme featuring songs from the "Monpura" soundtrack was also part of the celebration.

Seasoned actor Dilara Zaman shared her first experience of lip syncing -- the hit song “ Jao pakhi bolo tarey”: “I've worked in the media for so many years but never in my life I faced such a daunting task, that is lip syncing. When Selim asked me to do it, I though it wouldn't be much different from delivering dialogues. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get it right. I almost cried after a few tries. Eventually, it was done and when I saw it at the premiere, it looked perfect! Some people even told me that it seemed I was actually singing!”

The new sensation, Mili (who played Pori in the film), remembered how, being a newcomer, she feared that the director might drop her from the film if she didn't perform satisfactorily. The actress also shared endearing experiences of being recognised: “One day on a street a 'paanwala' (betel leaf vendor) brought his ledger book and asked me for an autograph. He said that he had just seen my film. That moment, I realised what it is that makes a career in showbiz so alluring. It's the audience that makes a star or a superhit.”

Calling the film his “dream project,” Giasuddin Selim said, “ I started my career in the media as a scriptwriter and then moved on to directing TV plays, but I've always wanted to make films. The concept of 'Monpura' has been in my mind for years, and I wanted to make an irresistible film. That's how I recall films from my childhood -- irresistible.”

A young movie enthusiast, who has seen "Monpura" eighteen times, gave everyone at the event a sense of how popular the movie has become.

Chandana Majumder entertained the audience with a rendition of the song “Jao pakhi bolo tarey,” while Fazlur Rahman babu performed “Shonai hai hai re” at the event.

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