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Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Friday, July 10, 2009

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Kakrail mashjid, popularly known as Tablig jamaat mashjid, is situated in a nice place of beauty attached to Ramna Park. The architecture of the mashjid is also attractive. Many devotees come here for religious purpose. It is also a place of tourist importance and a place of glory for Dhaka as well as for Bangladesh.

I went to Kakrail Mashjid to say my zohr prayer a few days back. I got a shock seeing the distressed picture of the front compound of the magnificent popular mashjid. It was found in disarray and haphazard with brickbats, khoa, empty drums, and other unnecessary things littered here and there making the whole area bad looking. The toilets were not well cleaned and maintained. Toxic irritating smell was pouring into the nose. The doors of the toilets are made of the metallic sheet which are banging each time at the opening and closing. The road from the toilet to the mashjid is built of khoa not suitable for walking. The “ojukhana” in front of the main entrance was found to be not cleaned, littered with polythene etc. blocking the passage of wastewater. In the very entrance shoes and sandals were lying scattered carelessly which looked very odd.

Inside of the mosque (ground floor) seemed not clean. Plastic bag piece, this and that were seen deposited around the pillar. The floor was also dirty. The front side adjacent footpath is occupied by different vendors selling cloth, bedding, caps and tasbis, religious books, cooked foods and what not. All these could be arranged in a definite location in and around the mashjid in a decent manner. The front compound of the mosque could be a beautiful garden and all required things could be placed in a disciplined manner.

The mashjid should be a beautiful place from where the devotees will be influenced to beautify their mindset.

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